Ever heard a song that fits so well at a certain point or moment in your life that you are quite certain it was written about you and your “moments” or is it just me?

For example, the first time I had ever heard Kenny chesney was purely an accident.

I’m a skynard and Zeppelin kinda girl…so I actually had no clue who Kenny chesney was.

I was rockin the PIT one warm summer evening…I remember this so well it freaks me out….I was rockin the PIT to sleep in my lil gray rocking chair (the lil gray chair that squeaked and creaked with every rock back & forth back & forth…I bet my ass alone put 9900000 miles on that rocking chair!)  I was comfie in my squeaky chair and the PIT was all snuggled up on my chest in that “cozy-ball-of-baby” position so when I realized that the remote was ALL the way across the living room….I was less than pleased to be stuck watching GAC county music videos

**totally my brothers fault.  The rules were as follows: leave the soap opera channel on or leave the remote ON my lil squeaky chair.  I was often trapped under the snuggley cuddley ball of baby and really didn’t mind…I loved holding her on my chest and watching her sleep…yes I watched her sleep…big deal…sure beat the alternantive which was “watch meth eatcher hubbys soul”**

As I rocked the PIT that evening and thought about what a fuckin disaster I was in I remember looking at her sleeping on my chest and silently sobbing (ya learn to cry quietly as a momma or you wake the baby) thinking  “it wasn’t supposed to be like this” and I remember whispering to her as I continued to sob I never meant it to be like this..I’m so sorry baby..I’ll make things right for you”  


**I had no idea how to make things right but it turns out “knowing” how to make things right isnt all that important.

Knowing BELIEVING that you will make them better is**

I took a deep breath, kissed the sleeping PIT, wiped my teary eyes and went back to being pissed at my brother about the remote.

**Fine alright…even though i HATE having to repeat myself….I wasn’t really pissed at him, I was pissed at my life and I was taking it out on my brother and the remote. Quite frankly the soap channel should be blocked from women like me so watching GAC turned out to be a good thing! When did country dudes get frickin hott btw…while I was pregnant and watching soapnet?! Good grief…get me a cowboy hat, boots & daisy dukes and cowboy take me away!** {yup my blog is a glimpse inside my head and **these indicate a detour lol..my thoughts always get this far off track. Just enjoy the ride} 

 I started to pay attention to the TV….there was a video just starting….totally caught my attention.  I watched this video and listened to the song “The Good Stuff” and it may have been the hormones or it may have been reality setting in but at that moment I was sure of one thing….I DID NOT HAVE “THE GOOD STUFF” but I sure as shit wanted it.

Later that night…still sitting in my squeaky chair I still thinking about “the good stuff” and how I didn’t have that…what I had was a piece of shit meth head hubby who was banging 17 yr olds while I was giving birth…and yup….I was pissed.  Pissed enough to finally admit that it was over…I wanted a divorce and I wanted to start my own “good stuff” and I wanted it NOW.

Seven Ten years later……

Im a rockstar mom (recycling old posts)

and STILL a little girls everything…..

that to me IS “the good stuff”



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