I’m a survivor.

Mostly because I’m a fighter.

I fought my mother all through high school because she simply refused to let me be an unruly punk ass teen

I fought this “mood” for as long as I can remember

I fought the son of a bitch I married almost to the death

I fought the system to keep the son of a bitch the hell away from us, for good.

I fought and I fought and I just kept swingin…..

I fought the feeling of being trapped and ventured out on my own more than once.

I keep fighting because I made a promise to myself & the PIT- giving up is not an option, ever.

Just keep ninja kicking….just keep swingin….

I’m fucking tired.

My ooo sticks ache from years of swinging.

But I just keep fighting.

Only now I see,

the only one I’m fighting with,

yet again….

is me


One Response to A battle of evermore?

  1. I can relate……I am tired from fighting, too, only I don’t see it (yet) as me fighting myself.

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