For weeks, the PIT and I have been planning to volunteer as “colorteers” for the first ever CMY5k in Seattle.

Some of you may be wondering why the hell I agreed to this.

Well, I blame cupcake Katie. This whole thing was her fault.

When she wrote about winning her spot in the CMY5k, she also mentioned the opportunity to throw color at the runners.

Most of you know I don’t run but I’m always down to throw shit so I signed the PIT & I up.

I got an email last week from the lovelys behind the CMY5k asking if we were still planning to volunteer as they were in need of some help.

I replied with “yup yup we’ll be there” and immediately after hitting “send” my mind went into its usual panicky “what the fuck did you just do?!?” downward spiral.

My face got all hot, my palms were sweaty and my mind was racing with the standard fears and lame excuses of why I couldnt, shouldn’t and wouldn’t show up.

You don’t know anyone
You’ve never run a 1k let alone a 5k
You never intentionally run
You don’t want to get up that early on a weekend
You still don’t know anyone & you get all nervous & pukey when it’s time to interact with others
You’re not exactly “friendly”

Oh my God. What have I done?!? I’m NOT a runner. I’m a smoker, a joker, a midnight toker, but not a runner.

The thought of intentionally running makes me crave nicotine.
{lights smoke}

I re-read the email.
Shit. They need help.

I said I’d help. I’m helping.

Fuuuuck. I can’t do this.

As I sat there, puffing away & talking myself out of leaving the house it occurred to me that I have two options.

Both options are something the PIT will learn from.

Which do I want to teach…

Giving your word is bullshit and you can just flake out in the end or giving your word is binding and not optional.
I still believe that giving your word is something of meaning.

If I think I’m going to teach my daughter that, I know what I have to do….overcome my own fear & anxiety and keep my word.

Saturday morning, nauseous as fuck, with an excited smile that I hoped covered up the pukey face feeling, I left the house to take on myself..with the PIT holding my sweaty hand.

I made it to the registration where we were to volunteer without puking, but late, of course. (some things just won’t change!)

The lovelys of the CMY5k were absolutely awesome and I don’t even think they realize it.

They don’t know how fucking huge this whole participating in stuff is for unstabley anxious me.

They were so nice and welcoming, I felt surprisingly comfortable.

Not surprising is the PITs go gettem attitude.

Within 10 minutes she was organizing the color table.

Shortly after it was organized, she was declared “in charge” of the color table and she was SO proud.

She followed instructions, kept order and proudly handed the runners there color packets.

By the end of Saturday, our first day of volunteering, the PIT wanted to know if we could do the run.

She didn’t want to just throw color, she wanted to BE colored.

Her excitement is contagious and before I knew it, we were leaving with bibs # 3536 and #3537.

I text Cupcake Katie…..”Oh shit. I have a bib. I’m running?!”

Once again, I’m light headed, pukey and questioning what the hell I’ve done now.

It is exhausting being this mother fucking unstable, just sayin…..

As most of you know, there are A LOT of things that I hate.

Things like….wet doorknobs, drivers who refuse to signal, getting out of bed before noon, celery and running just to name a few right off the top of my head…

However, Sunday morning I found myself up and out of bed by 6am……

Surprisingly, the world did not end nor did I die.

Even more strange, the PIT came prancing into the bathroom at 630 in her white running gear ready to go!

Any other day, I am pulling that girl out of bed by her hair after at least 16483946729239 attempts to get her out on her own and 9836483648892 “just five more minutes mom!”, but not on race day.

That girl was PUMPED and we were off!

Only slightly late, again, (this time I got us lost) and only slightly pukey, the PIT and I arrived at the CMY5k at Magnuson Park on a gorgeous SUNNY Sunday morning in Seattle.

The race didn’t start until 9am but we got there early to help the lovelies get more racers registered and holy shit balls…..they had quite the turn out for a virgin run!

The PIT & I handed out bibs, shirts, beanies and color packets right up until the last wave of runners were set to take off and that’s when we headed over to the start line with Cupcake Katie and her running buddy, Miss Jackie.

I was chatting when the gun went off, signaling the start of the race but after the initial delayed reaction to a gun shot, I was off!

Once I was off, I noticed something I wasn’t sure was normal so I hollered at Cupcake Katie, “What the shit?! Are you supposed to feel your butt cheeks bounce when you run?!”

At that point, Cupcake Katie left me in the dust. Who can blame her really?!

The PIT & I kept a slow but steady pace, stopping along the way to throw leftover color at each other

Approaching the first color zone with the PIT was one of the BEST moments ever.

The anticipation was driving her bonkers

Her excitement was written all over her face!

We dashed through the color zone laughing our asses off and learned that one really should keep their mouth closed when running through powder

Second color zone, we managed to make it *almost* through the color cloud with our mouths closed but we seriously did more laughing than running….it.was.fucking.awesome!

Before we knew it, we were through the last color zone, crossing the finish line and meeting up with Cupcake Katie and Miss Jackie who were much, much more colorful than when I last saw them. (Both of them denied seeing the hott shirtless water guy that I saw which makes me wonder if I was hallucinating or they’re just fucking with me. Maybe he was a mirage?)

The four of us headed up the hill to take part in something purely amazballs.

The color toss.

The PIT got in on two more color tosses before we left!

We left very colorful!

We had such a blast.

We cannot wait for CMY5k 2013!

I’m not even the least bit pukey about it either.


Please note: I am still not a runner. I’m simply a fucking awesome mama :)

One more thing, if CMY5k come to your city….GO. You won’t be sorry.

Ok fine, LAST thing: I jacked some of these pics from Cupcake Katie because I ran the 5k with my phone in my bra which turns out, is a bad idea. It was a colorful pasty mess by the time I finished the race and wiped the color and tit sweat off it. I’m actually surprised the fucking thing still works.


One Response to My 5k cherry has been popped

  1. Katie says:

    First of all, I hate celery too. It should be banned from the earth.

    My ziploc bag idea for my phone was GENIUS except I kept taking it out. I, too, was surprised when it still worked the next day :)

    I am so proud of you for getting out of your comfort zone and colorteering (and RUNNING). I think I’ll start getting you to sign up for more shit!

    And on a final note, I’d like to say that if you feel your skinny ass bounce while you run, imagine how I feel. Jackie’s booty even jiggles on the bike.

    Good job Mama!

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