Have you ever felt like you’re never alone yet, you’re alone all the time?

You find yourself surrounded by living, breathing people, still….. you’re so alone it’s almost a regret you’ve become accustom to.

I’ve always felt this way….the majority of my life

“They don’t get me” I’d tell myself.

I’ve often felt that was my problem but I was wrong.

It’s not my problem at all.

On the contrary, it’s their problem.

Chances are, if they don’t get me, I’m not going to get them either.

Why waste energy wondering why the don’t get me?

Why waste time trying to figure out that, yup, I just dont get them.

Why not smile and revel in the awkward excellence that is me?

Who’s to say I don’t fit the mold?

Perhaps, that mold doesn’t fit me.

I don’t think it’s not supppsed to.

I’m not going to waste a single ounce of energy trying to change what is already raw, real and true to me.

I’ll simply pop some pop corn, finish my smoke and watch the rest of the world try to fit the mold while I perfect pouring my own.


5 Responses to I’m never alone. I’m alone all the time.

  1. Cameron says:

    How bizarre that this mindset is traveling through the masses today…at dinner #lilboo pretty much said the same thing…just in a lot fewer words!

    …on a side note…don’t ever conform to the ‘mold’ … I hear it’s bad for your health…

    Peas Out!

  2. I LOVE YOU! I so seriously feel like this when it comes to the people outside my house. How do they all seem so together and I feel like I’m always picking myself up and dusting shit off my ass? Either way, I love me today, even I always feel like the mold broke when I jumped in.

  3. Will Conley says:

    Hear ye, hear ye. Thanks for being such a good example for people like me. People who are me. Me. You inspire, CC.

  4. Maybe that’s why I’m up with you, commenting on your post at 3:30am….

    Yes, I know you.

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