The holidays are lurking just around the corner.

The holidays can be a stressful time for anyone, especially single parents.

You struggle day to day all year and now you start to loose sleep at night wondering how in the hell you’re going to pull this off.

I recently found myself doing just that, lying in bed wide awake trying to strategize my holiday budget plan.

Basically, there isn’t one.

Thankfully, I’m finally in a place financially where I can save up for the holidays but still only buy for the PIT. literally, just the PIT.

holidays are hard enough, anyone who knows me, knows not to expect a gift anytime soon.

It may take me an entire year and its not much.

Nothing major, the PIT isn’t spoiled and even if I could spend. $500 on Christmas, I fucking wouldn’t.

That’s not what Christmas is about and I believe it’s more important to teach the PIT the value of things rather the cost of things.

Our first Christmas, my then husband was in jail and the only presents under the tree were ones I got from the Toys for Tots drive.

It sucked.

I cried a lot that year.

The PIT doesn’t remember a thing about it.

She remembers what has been consistent over the years.


Every year, we attempt to make gingerbread houses, we decorate the tree together, we take turns pulling the cat out of the tree and picking up the ornaments he insists on knocking off the tree.

Every year, I take her shopping for a kids gift.

Every year, she picks one out, wraps it up with so much tape I wonder if it’ll ever open and we take it to our local Toys for Tots drive drop off.

One year, she even went as far as re-gifting books she had finished.

Every year I remember how awful I felt that first Christmas and every year I am more grateful for how far we’ve come since then.

I’m not able to give much, but I’m able to give and I think it’s important to pass that on to the PIT.

Don’t feel so bad about being so poor.

The best of us are and we’re damn good at it.

It’s more than a way of survival or life, it’s a fucking art which technically makes you an artist.


It works out.


One Response to Don’t be so pissy you’re so poor….the best of us are

  1. Toni says:

    <3 Love it, especially that we are artists:) So very true; I'm constantly trying to think outside the box and Christmas brings the biggest thinking outside the box of all! Your daughter sounds awesome and sweet. In spite of our hardships, we are raising some incredible kids!

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