Being a single mom comes with its challenges. Between juggling work, the kids, friends and hobbies (for those of you into that sort of thing), there’s very little time to go on dates, let alone get laid on a frequent basis. We can’t necessarily make men appear and make them work with our schedule (jerks), but we can certainly make sure our needs are being met. Check out some of these toys I consider to be the single mom’s shakey toy survival guide.

Ben Wa Balls. (fun to use and say!)

These little balls pack a punch and have benefits to boot. Recently popularized by Fifty Shades of Gray, Ben Wa Balls can help you get off, make sex more pleasurable and can even tighten you back up. Buy them strung together or separated and simply place them inside yourself. They are great for practicing your kegels and for using with your partner while having sex. I like them because they are super easy to use while getting work around the house and have had dramatic effects on my ability to control and tighten the walls. Never underestimate the power of a tight vagina!


Lube is something that no single or non-single girl should go without. It helps make solo play that much more fun and easy. It’s perfect for those nights that you’re just not getting into the mood and need a little assistance and is even more fun with combined with partner play. Lubes can be tricky though. Avoid getting oil and silicone-based as they are not safe for women to use or safe to use with condoms or toys. Water-based lube will be your go-to! The only pesky thing about lube is that no matter what you do, where you put it or how you store it… it will find a way to explode. So be mindful of what you put near it and consider placing it in a plastic bag when you’re not using it.

Discrete toys.

Discrete toys are a great option if you have a lot of little kids running around or lack privacy in any way. Modeled after lipstick, rubber ducks, compacts, and nail polishes, these vibrators can hang out in your house and go undetected. But don’t let their size fool you, they might be small and look like ordinary make up, but these babies are great for clitoral stimulation and can get the job done. These are also great options for travel. As long as you remove the batteries, discrete toys can slip right through TSA.

G-spot vibrator:

We all know that achieving the elusive g-spot orgasm can pretty hard with a partner or even with your hand. A G-spot vibrator is a must-have because it was designed specifically and solely with your g-spot in mind and therefore makes achieving it a breeze–a wonderful breeze. As a bonus, mastering your g-spot can lead to learning how to achieve female ejaculation, an intense reaction from hitting all the right spots.

Luxury Vibes: (your vagina deserves luxury)

Luxury vibes are a special breed of vibrators, one that will make you forever change your ways and cause you to quickly forget about all the cheaper ones that came before. These beautiful toys are pricy, but are certainly worth it. They come to you backed with extensive research that makes them ergonomically designed for your body. They bend in all the right spots and vibrate in the better ones. They are also rechargeable, which I personally love because you can save money on batteries and it’s better for the environment. And finally, they are designed to last. There’s nothing sadder than when your favorite toy decides to break, especially if you’ve only had it for a few months. These vibes will last you a very, very long time–through many uses! Look for vibes made by Lelo, Leaf and We Vibe.

When looking for any kind of toy, make sure you buy ones that are made from body safe materials. Avoid toys that contain phthalates, jelly, pvc and non-medical grade metal or silicone. Hard plastics, glass, medical grade and elastomer are safe. Also be aware of cheaper toys that have seams. These can tear at delicate skin and can even cause chemicals to outgas from the inside.

Interested in some of these toys? Adam and Eve has you covered. Add them to your Christmas list and make this season even brighter or give yourself the gift you’ve always wanted.

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  1. Haha, I knew I could count on you for something like this, CC!

  2. My image of you is forever even more skewed than it was.

    Happily so.

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