I came to your blog looking for inspiration, she said.
My husband just abandon my son & I, she said.


For a moment I felt her pain in the depths of my cold and sheltered heart.

This is it, all over again, except this time….I’m not her.

This is her time, her moment, her misery…her time to sink or swim.

Her husband threw her out into the sea of life, that wasn’t her choice, but this is.

She feels helpless at the moment.

Her world has just crumbled around her, burst into flames and covered her in ash.

It’s dark, lonely, endless….it fucking hurts like nothing she’s ever known.

She feels weak, tired and drained.

She could collapse at any moment given the amount of shit she’s swimming through life with.

She could sink at any time.

All she has to do is give up, lay limp, let the waves of the sea toss her around and eventually drift off into a lonely miserable corner of the sea to soak in her own regret.

That won’t happen to her though.

She made the first attempt to stay afloat.

She came looking.

And found me.


If she wanted to let life toss her around, she would’ve by now.

She’s already a lot stronger and braver than she realizes.

She’s going to pick herself up, brush the ash off and carry the fuck on because she DESERVES to.

At first, survival mode.

It’s gonna suck ass and you’re going to hate your life, a lot.

I assure you, this is just one of many storms you will face.

You WILL get through them all.


Might even get a cool scar to show off along the way.

When she’s tired, she’ll rest.

Maybe she’ll hang out around here some more & find more inspiration from other kickass survivors (and fine ass bitches might I add)

If she needs a chuckle, there’s always thebastardcat…fuckin jerk.



One Response to Inspiration-ish

  1. That girl says:

    Wow. Double fucking wow. Thank you. You nailed it. My pain is your pain is her pain. I will never give up, I will never lay down and let him win. Never. We go to get my things tomorrow and the crack head will be there, in the home I once was so happy in. I’m bringing my gun and the motherfucker better hope he doesn’t come near me.

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