I leave the blogging world for like 5 minutes and it turns into a shit show. Literally. Shit is showing.

Do you know how I discovered ‘blogging’? An article in People magazine about a young father who lost his wife 27 hours after she delivered their daughter. I wanted to know more about their story so I went to his blog. First time I had ever even bothered to look at a blog.

I didn’t and still don’t give a shit what you think about this product or that technique.

It’s the stories I dig. The real, raw, ugly stories and the badass motherfuckers who’ve live to tell those stories.

From that first blog, I discovered a single mom blog….and from that blog, another…..until I found myself surrounded by some really fucking awesome people


Pay attention, that’s key.

People, not brands.

Then I started my own blog that I used as therapy to get a really ugly story off my chest and it felt fucking amazing. The PEOPLE around my blog were amazing. I miss those days.

Now, things seem to be all about making a buck or talking shit about another blogger for making a buck off their blog.

If you make you’re living by reviewing products and working with brands, super.

I make my living in insurance billing and want to stab myself in the face daily.

We all gotta make a living, right.

Labels, brands, clicks, clacks, sticks and stats.

Get the fuck over yourself.

High school is over and nobody cares if you’re popular.

If this is what ‘blogging’ has become, I’m out.

This is no longer a blog. It’s a book of what not to do. Don’t read it.

I’m not a ‘blogger’, I’m a bitch with a domain. Nothing more.

See that, over it. Moving on.

In more important news:


“May the power of Christ compel you”

The BastardCat is now preforming exorcisms


8 Responses to Get the fuck over yourself

  1. Will Conley says:

    On POINT. Not to mention poetic.

  2. Momma Fargo says:

    lmao. I LOVE “A BITCH WITH A DOMAIN”. Thanks for making me smile today!

  3. Fuck yeah girl! *high five*

  4. Amen. This post is officially endorsed by Jackalopes everywhere.

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  6. Yes, this. A thousand times this.

  7. I could not agree more! I have not written on my blog in a while. A lot of ‘blogging life’ has happened and that therapy you speak of is ready to flow. It is also the hardest stuff to get out.

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